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– The pattern is made of special ink, meet the water will disappear, do not touch water before you finish embroidery.
– The instructions includes illustration of embroidery, teaching you how to deal with embroidery floss, printed pattern, and the way to frame, which will provide great help for embroidery beginners.
– After finished the embroidery, you can hang or place it in the living room or bedroom. Or embroider it on pillowcases, towels, bed sheet, backpack, clothes is a great choice.
– This embroidery kit is perfect for Spring, as a gift to your friends or family to enjoy the process of hand embroidery. It will be a meaningful and special present.
– Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 2.99 cm; 0.28 kg.


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  1. Cristina Mccarthy

    Love this kit. I have finished one pattern so far! I prefer wood hoops however the plastic is very durable and looks good. I will be buying more!

  2. Cathryn Hood

    Bought these for gifts and my friends just loved them. Highly suggest watching the youtube video it talks about on the instruction page. That will make you feel less overwhelmed if you are learning.

  3. Adriana Irvin

    I’m kind of wishing I would have started with something WAY simpler for my first time….but once I was FINALLY done with the first one, I am in love with it! Starting the second one has been easier because I’m starting to get the hang of it. I have gotten SO many compliments on the first one I did though!

  4. Lauren Obrien

    I am really enjoying this embroidery kit. I have never really embroidered before, so I did have to YouTube how to thread and knot the needle and how to separate the strands. I am not sure if I would say this has all of the information a beginner needs, but it does have all of the materials. It comes with plenty of thread, as well. I will definitely have thread left over. Overall, I think it is a good beginner kit, but you will need to look up a few quick videos if this is your first time.

  5. Anna Martinez

    This is a great set- each design has a variety of different stitches that afforded me an opportunity to practice/relearn several stitches. The designs are packaged separately, which was perfect for sharing/ gifting.Also, don’t sleep on the video that is at the end of the photos in the main product page. It was really brief, but incredibly helpful!!

  6. Tricia Goodman

    This is my first attempt! I saw something like these over and over on FB and it looked like fun. I really only ordered this because it had a adult language. I’m a sucker for any craft that has cuss words.I do this little bits at a time before I go to bed. Helps relax me. Very easy instructions. I wish they were just a little more guided. But then I guess I would be asking for step by step instructions.Very easy, very relaxing!

  7. Margie Hebert

    This was my first time trying embroidery and this was a great start. Worked from the llama up to the be badass. Comes with everything you need and then some. Each set came with its own ring, 3 needles, and more than enough string so don’t worry if you mess up. Just make sure you watch a beginners video before you unnecessarily use up more string than needed (learned my lesson after doing the llama). Directions are maybe too straight forward but youtube is always there to help and you might find a prettier way to do something than what it says on package. All in all, this was good quality and I will definitely buy more.

  8. Christine A. Carberry

    I ordered this for my adult daughter because she is learning to cross stitch/ embroidery and I am hoping I can still do it. This is a fantastic set! Very clear instructions, practice with different stitches, lots of floss and frames/hoops/needles.. The hardest part is doing the first stitch and after that it is “off we go!” I would buy this again in a heartbeat. Thank you!

  9. Martina Singleton

    This was my first time trying embroidery and I am absolutely loving it! The fabric is quite thick, so my hands sometimes get cramped pushing the needle through, especially when it calls for six threads. But the designs, the thread, and the quality is amazing. I love that there is plenty of thread – you don’t have to worry about using too much. I did the Llama already, and I’m currently working on the Be Badass one.

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