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– Our sewing kit box set has a special, cute button design. It is different from traditional ordinary kits that are just a black pack to have sewing supplies in.
– We not only focus on the inside content but also care about its appearance, which little girls and women love. A button design lifted the rubber handle on the storage box, decorating your shelf.
– Items won’t fall out when you open the box. The threads are in different compartments, and most of the other kits are fixed in place. A kit that, in a true sense, makes your life easier.
– This thoughtful and comprehensive kit will make a perfect & handy gift that anyone would love to receive.
– Product Dimensions: 14.71 x 14.40 x 7.29 cm; 0.29 kg.


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  1. Miriam Mccormick

    Bought this to throw in a dance bag so the kid could do quick fixes. Everything stays neat, and it has more than what they need.

  2. Myrtle Santos

    Very conscience for the small fix. I fix the length of my pants by myself. Everything in this kit are good enough for those small fix. One good thing in the kit, is the small tool to help me put the thread into the hole on the needle. My eyes are not that sharp anymore, the small tool is handy.

  3. Sybil Franco

    Loved finding this large button of a sewing tin. Perfect to sit out on my dresser for emergency repairs, safety pins, straight pins, tape measure, little scissors, all the things the grandkids can’t wait to look at every time they come over. Love the size!

  4. Janie Lyons

    Saw this sewing kit and just had to buy it. It’s cute and fits a lot. It’s the perfect little kit to have. Great for even a “my 1st sewing kit gift! Everything fits I side perfectly and I would but it again!

  5. Melba Park

    Good little on hand kit

  6. Laura Kirk

    This sewing kit is compact but well equipped for quick mending jobs. There’s many colors of thread so sewing on a button will be an easy task, and it has a needle threader and some thread snips, along with the needles. The button style box is cute and functional, and easy to stash away in my RV.

  7. Denisse Ramos

    I feel like a total adult with this basic sewing kit. I don’t know how I’ve made it this far in life and never had something so handy. I had a few random needles and 2 thread colors forever. I had this kit 2 days before i needed a random color and small needle. This is amazing. Has all the little basics you would need to do a quick repair on a baby blanket, a stuffed animal and a button. Love it. I think I will gift this at Christmas. Also love the little tiny scissors in it. They are very sharp!

  8. Glynda Sarno

    Gave this sewing kit to my friend who is just here for the winter. She loved it!

  9. Maria Tully

    Good product so far. Haven’t used it yet but looks good.

  10. Jessica Escobar

    It’s small yet holds all the essentials with room for more. It came with about 10 small rolls of thread and cutting tools, measuring tape, etc.

  11. Danielle Sanchez

    Loved this product. The box is like a cute button and it has all the essentials for a hem emergency. The products inside are sturdy- good quality & value.

  12. Noelle Jones

    Really good design and comes in handy with all the tools I need!

  13. Hollie Conner

    This has a much wider variety of thread colors than I expected! It’s missing a couple items that I personally find to be crucial for my needs, but I was able to add them without issue, there was plenty of room in the top tray to add (I added safety pins, buttons of various sizes, and spring clips which I use instead of straight pins). This will work perfectly for our camper, when we have limited clothing with us and items may need emergency repairs.

  14. Francesca Curtice

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     You have everything you need to sew up tears and an assortment of thread colors. It came with these neat little ✂️ scissors. Now it doesn’t have buttons but the tape measure is not made of paper like a lot of the cheap kits out there. Definitely a great little starter kit!

  15. Phyllis Sherman

    I was looking for a small box to carry my craft supplies for small projects . This little box is perfect for the job.Very sturdy and well constructed plastic.Not flimsy and the top fits just right.Much nicer than I was expecting.

  16. Denise Leon

    I really like this sewing kit, I think the girls who received the kit will enjoy!!

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